Editorial: Stuck in the 'political mud' over racism in border town
"The human rights commissions representing the city of Farmington and the Navajo Nation both deserve the criticism they have faced in recent weeks. They remain bogged down over disagreements in wording for a written document meant to help them solidify a joint mission statement in combating racism and promoting diversity.

It's past time they emerge from the political mud.

The Navajo commission wants to inject wording that paints an ugly reminder of an ugly past, and it uses a broad brush to paint that picture. It seems unfair to roadblock progress with a heavy historical burden still riding the backs of those volunteering today to promote peace.

The city of Farmington deserves its fair share of the black eyes it has received in the past century because of American Indian border town racism. Local history abounds with stories of past troubles and hate crimes, and that local history is not old. Current hate crimes are pending in courts today.

Likewise, the city deserves credit for having made measurable progress. Measured as in numerous strides recorded in civil rights reports, new opportunities available for Navajo residents, greater acceptance and often encouragement of cultural diversity, and a growing number of American Indians seeking to work and live within the city itself."

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Editorial: Stuck in racism mud (The Farmington Daily Times 7/23)

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