State won't get involved in Little Shell Chippewa dispute
The state of Montana won't get involved in a leadership dispute within the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

Two groups claim control of the tribe. One faction hoped the state would choose a side to do business with but that won't be happening.

"The Governor's Office believes that the Little Shell, as a sovereign tribe, can and must resolve its internal differences without interference from state government," Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) said in a statement, The Great Falls Tribune reported. "We encourage internal resolution of these issues and look forward to continuing our government-to-government relationship with a unified Little Shell Tribe."

The Little Shell Chippewa Alliance swore in John Gilbert as its chairman over the weekend. The group opposes President John Sinclair and his leadership.

The tribe is recognized by the state but has been denied federal recognition by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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State steers clear of Little Shell dispute (The Great Falls Tribune 3/24)

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