Seneca and Cayuga tribes get temporary freeze on tobacco tax
A federal judge temporarily blocked the state of New York from imposing its tobacco tax on the Seneca Nation and the Cayuga Nation but said the effort could go ahead on other reservations.

Judge Richard Arcara said the Seneca and Cayuga tribes can continue to sell tax-free cigarettes for another two weeks. A hearing will be scheduled on a permanent injunction against the state.

"Judge Arcara's ruling sets the stage for an orderly and thoughtful legal review of what we believe is an illegal, ill-conceived attempt by New York State to use the Seneca Nation, and other Indian Nations located within its boundaries, as piggy banks to balance the State Budget," Seneca Nation President Barry E. Snyder Sr., said in a press release.

Starting today, wholesalers that provide tobacco to tribal retailers must must pay the $4.35-per-pack tax in advance. The tax is essentially passed onto the tribes.

Tribes can sell tax-free tobacco -- but only to their members -- and the limit will be determined by the state.

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Relevant Documents:
ATF Letter on Tribal Consultation (May 19, 2010)

Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act:
H.R.1676 | S.1147

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