Editorial: Race-based mascots don't belong in Wisconsin
"Race-based mascots in Wisconsin public schools are targeted in a bill passed this week in the Legislature, challenging a sports tradition that stereotypes Native Americans to evoke a warrior-like spirit.

The state Senate narrowly passed a bill Tuesday that would allow complaints to be filed with the state school superintendent for use of a team name or logo alleged to be discriminatory. If the superintendent agrees with the allegation, the school would be forced to drop the name within 12 months or face fines up to $1,000 per day. Schools could retain their mascot if they can prove it came from a specific tribe that granted permission for use of the name.

If Gov. Jim Doyle signs it into law, it would be a long overdue victory in this state for Native Americans who have fought for decades to end a practice they find offensive.

Barbara Munson, chair of the Wisconsin Indian Education Association's Indian Mascot Logo Task Force, said the bill is significant in that it provides a fair review process."

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Editorial: Offensive mascots not worth keeping (The Green Bay Press-Gazette 4/16)

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