Editorial: Potawatomi leader supports school's mascot
"Critics say Indian mascots and logos negatively stereotype Native Americans. Proponents, like those in Mishicot, say retaining the logos shows respect to Native American tradition and culture.

Mishicot was named after Chief Abraham Mischicott of the Potawatomie tribe, in 1847. His great-grandson, Earl Meshigaud, has endorsed Mishicot's continued use of the Indian logo, which is on a wall of the high school gymnasium and on the city's water tower.

And another great-grandson, Kenneth Meshigaud, Hannahville (Mich.) Potawatomie Tribal Council chairman, wrote a letter to Mishicot officials in 2005 supporting continued use of the logo.

"We feel strongly that the Mishicot Indian mascot and the Indian headdress logo should continue, and we will work … to ensure that our culture is respected and promoted through this effort," Kenneth Meshigaud wrote."

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