House passes resolution to honor Wilma Pearl Mankiller
The House today passed H.Res.1237 in honor of Wilma Pearl Mankiller, who was the first woman to lead the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

The resolution traces Mankiller's life and career from her birth in 1945 in Oklahoma to her election as Cherokee chief. It covers her post-tribal efforts to improve educational, housing, economic and other conditions in Indian Country.

The resolution reads in part:
Whereas during Wilma's tenure she transformed the Nation-to-Nation relationship between the Cherokee Nation and the Federal Government, met with Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton to present critical tribal issues, and co-chaired a national conference between tribal leaders and cabinet members, which helped facilitate the establishment of an Office of Indian Justice within the U.S. Department of Justice;

Whereas upon leaving office Wilma continued her endeavors, serving on several philanthropic boards, including 12 years on the board of trustees of the Ford Foundation, 4 years on the Board of the Ms. Foundation for Women, and 4 years on the board of the Seventh Generation Fund and the board of the Freedom Forum and its subsidiary, the Newseum;

Whereas Wilma presented more than 100 lectures on the challenges facing Native Americans and women in the 21st century and she served as the Wayne Morse Professor at the University of Oregon for the fall semester of 2005 where she taught class on tribal government, law, and life

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