Editorial: Crow Creek Sioux energy project promising
"Ethanol, we know.

But Torqazine?

That's the name of the fuel that Victory Circle Fuels wants to build a plant to produce on Crow Creek Sioux tribal land - a move the tribal council endorsed unanimously last week.

The feedstock for the fuel? Landfill waste.

It sounds a bit like the DeLorean in "Back to the Future," running on garbage.

Torqazine is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, but it's a cutting-edge concept.

That's part of the point: The tribe has a chance to be involved in developing the next generation of fuels.

The Crow Creek reservation offers ample space, plenty of available water and neigboring cities such as Chamberlain and Reliance that can provide landfill waste. The site also was attractive because South Dakota already has experience with mixing fuels such as ethanol and the facilities to do so."

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