Navajo Nation set to vote on government initiatives
Members of the Navajo Nation will vote December 15 on two government reform initiatives.

The first reduces the size of the Navajo Nation Council from 88 delegates to 24 delegates. The second would allow the president of the tribe to execute line-item vetoes of council budget legislation.

Both initiatives are being pushed by President Joe Shirley, who was suspended by the council last month for alleged ethical and criminal wrongdoing. Both sides are trying to convince tribal members they are right.

"We don't have leadership," Wally Brown told The Farmington Daily Times. "We have a bunch of people who seem to be focused on their individual agendas, and their individual agendas get in the way of things we really need to have Navajo Nation-wide."

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Navajo president, delegates squabble over election (The Farmington Daily Times 12/7)

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