Editorial: Use 'Custer' toy as educational tool
"Custer may have died on a battlefield in 1876 but thanks to a cheap plastic toy he’s back in the limelight.

For a few days, at least, and then we’d expect this latest Custer sighting to quickly fade from sight and memory. That’s what we’d hope, as it would be best for the people that live, work and raise families in South Dakota.

Rapid City continues its decades-long struggle with racism and the multitude of issues that revolve around it. Racism impacts our community; our children and neighbors; it impacts local policy and race relations.

And now a Custer toy… But let’s not give a promotional toy weight it doesn’t deserve and let’s not allow a corporate oversight to taint the good work several groups and individuals have been doing in the community."

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Editorial: Toy is the least of city concerns (The Rapid City Journal 6/17)

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