Passenger charged for DUI death of Pueblo man
A second man in New Mexico has been charged in connection with the fatal hit-and-run of William Tenorio of San Felipe Pueblo.

Alfred Lovato, a former state police officer, was a passenger in the car that struck and killed Tenorio on November 26, 2008. Though Lovato wasn't driving, prosecutors filed charges of vehicular homicide and being involved in a fatal accident.

The New Mexico Court of Appeals recently ruled that passengers, in certain cases, can be charged with the same crimes as the driver, according to The Santa Fe New Mexican. The driver of the car was Carlos Fierro, who has been charged with homicide and causing an accident involving death.

Fierro is due to be tried in Santa Fe County court after a judge rejected his request for a venue change. Fierro had cited intense media coverage of the incident.

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Ex-officer charged in Fierro case (The Santa Fe New Mexican 6/4)

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