Blog: 'Redskins' law firm fires outspoken lawyer
"Yesterday, we reported on an associate at Quinn Emanuel who had strong views about the firm's recent victory in the Pro Football v. Harjo case, in which the D.C. Circuit upheld the Washington Redskins trademark in the moniker "Redskins." We, along with many readers, speculated about whether the first-year associate would be able to hold onto his job after yesterday's publicity.

We are now able to report that the Quinn associate was let go from the firm yesterday -- but not because of the various "reply-all" emails.

Instead, the associate was let go because he failed the California bar exam. For a second time.

(Thus, as noted in the comments, any email indiscretions by him essentially amounted to harmless error.)

The firm declined to comment about individual personnel matters, but multiple sources report that it is the standing policy of Quinn Emanuel to part ways with associates who fail the bar multiple times."

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Second Bar Failure Is Proximate Cause for Quinn Associate's Ouster (Above the Law 5/20)

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D.C. Circuit Decision:
Pro-Football v. Harjo (May 15, 2009)

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