Letter: Fond du Lac Band entitled to reclaim land
"It is for the benefit and opportunity of all that we seek to respect and live in cooperation with all fellow county citizens. Negative myths and stereotypes of American Indians persist in our society. We urge the County Board to engage in meaningful conversation with American Indians who can educate the commissioners about our shared regional history, the legal framework of Indian tribal government and the facts regarding taxation and economic development.

The Fond du Lac Band is entitled, by state statute, to the right of first refusal when tax-forfeited land within its reservation boundaries comes back on the market.

We call on the County Board to reconsider its January workshop recommendation regarding land sales and to take a position that unites our county in common purpose instead of dividing us."

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Linda Rau: St. Louis County Board should offer land to tribe (The Duluth News Tribune 2/22)

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