Editorial: Lumbee Tribe needs recognition
"In all fairness, the Lumbee Indians are entitled to federal tribal recognition. After all, North Carolina granted that status way back in 1885.

Hopefully, bipartisan legislation sponsored by the state's two U.S. senators, Republican Richard Burr and Democrat Kay Hagan, can, finally, produce results. But, considering past disappointments, it's far from a certainty.

The Senate always has been the stumbling block. One member can keep the legislation from the floor, and in years past that role was filled by a filibustering Jesse Helms.

More recently, bipartisanship has prevailed. John Edwards and Elizabeth Dole both backed giving Lumbees long-overdue tribal recognition. That continues with Burr and Hagan.

In June, the U.S. House, in a 240-179 bipartisan vote, approved a very similar bill sponsored by Democrat Mike McIntyre of Lumberton. However, Reps. Heath Shuler, a Democrat, and Republican Patrick McHenry tried to sidetrack it. Both represent western North Carolina districts, where members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians reside. That tribe has long opposed recognition, saying Lumbees can't sufficiently trace their tribal roots. But other factors also come into play as well."

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Editorial: Lumbees trying again for tribal recognition (The Greensboro News-Record 10/9)

Lumbee Recognition Bills:
H.R.31 | H.R.839

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