Lumbee Tribe hopeful for House vote on recognition
A bill to recognize the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina was approved by the House Natural Resources Committee on Wednesday.

Chairman Jimmy Goins thanked Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-North Carolina) for pushing for the bill. It was the first to be considered by the committee during the 111th Congress.

“Without the congressman’s leadership and direction, we would not anticipate the two-thirds vote this time like last time,’’ Goins told The Fayetteville Observer. “The Lumbee tribe looks forward to having a full floor vote in the House some time soon.’’

A spokesperson for McIntyre said the bill could come up for a vote on the House floor in the next 30 days. A similar version passed during the 110th Congress.

The new version contains a provision to ensure the Lumbees can follow the land-into-trust process. The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar. placed doubts for tribes that were recently recognized.

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Lumbee recognition bill heads to full U.S. House (The Fayetteville Observer 4/23)

Committee Notice:
Full Committee Markup (April 22, 2009)

Lumbee Recognition Bills:
H.R.31 | H.R.839

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