County to appeal Cayuga Nation tobacco case
Lawmakers in Cayuga County, New York, voted 14-1 to appeal a decision that allows the Cayuga Nation to sell tax-free tobacco products.

Authorities in Cayuga and Seneca counties raided the tribe's two smoke shops last November. The counties claimed the facilities were not on reservation land, an argument rejected by the state appellate court last week.

The tribe has resumed the sale of cigarettes at the smoke shops and offered to pay the counties' legal bills if they dropped the case. The tribe also said it won't pursue a lawsuit for millions of dollars of damages from lost sales.

Get the Story:
Cayuga County Legislature votes to reject Cayuga nation's offer, take dispute to state's highest court (The Syracuse Post-Standard 7/15)

New York Appellate Division Decision:
Cayuga Nation v. Gould (July 10, 2009)

New York Supreme Court Decision:
Cayuga Nation v. Gould (December 9, 2008)

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