Shinnecock Nation meets with BIA over recognition
The Shinnecock Nation of New York met with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to discuss the tribe's federal recognition petition.

The meeting lasted two hours, Newsday reported. BIA researchers asked questions about the tribe's political and legal activities and about the tribe's membership and genealogy.

"If they do a fair and equitable job of putting it all together, the only fair and equitable determination is that we are a tribe," trustee Lance Gumbs said after the meeting.

To settle a lawsuit, the BIA agreed to make a preliminary determination on the tribe's petition by December 15. A final answer is due in mid-2010.

The tribe was one of the first to file a petition after the BIA started the process in 1978.

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Shinnecock makes personal case for recognition (Newsday 6/4)

Recent Court Decision:
Shinnecock Nation v. Kempthorne (September 30, 2008)

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