Kevin Abourezk: A bailout for Indian Country
"Mr. Chairman, now is the time for action on behalf of Indian Country.

A collapse within Indian Country, which contributes 927,000 civilian workers age 16 and over to the U.S. workforce (compared to the mere 96,000 people employed by General Motors), could lead to economic collapse nationwide.

As for the conditions of this economic assistance, Indian Country would be happy to accede to the same requirements placed on the auto industry in exchange for $15 billion in aid and on Wall Street for $700 billion in aid.

We'll gladly limit our executive pay compensation to just $10 million a year (an easy one considering how impoverished most tribes are). We can certainly allow the U.S. to share in our future profits (by way of federal income taxes, which we must pay despite being sovereign nations immune from state taxation). And we'd, of course, be happy to give up our corporate jets.

As for golden parachutes, we'd be lucky if we could muster a copper parachute for a fired tribal leader, so you have no worries here.

In conclusion Mr. Chairman, allowing Indian Country to collapse would certainly further the economic crisis we're currently in and endanger this country's ability to support itself."

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Kevin Abourezk: A Letter in Support of an Indian Bailout (RezNet News 12/10)

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