Opinion: A Republican for Interior Secretary
"Key components of leadership are listening and learning. Barack Obama seems to understand this to the relief of at least some of us who did not support him. He has exhibited careful, sure-footed leadership in this transition period. Obama projects stability, and in the shadow of a teetering economy, that is the leadership we need.

Obama campaigned in the Democratic primaries as a solid liberal, and his brief record as a U.S. Senator places him firmly in the liberal camp. He has not, however, behaved as a left-wing ideologue since his election.

As he completes his cabinet selections, Obama has a great opportunity to reach deeply into the rival political party to fill the important position of Secretary of the Interior. It was recently reported in the Congressional Quarterly that Theodore Roosevelt IV, great grandson of the legendary "Rough Rider" is under consideration by Obama for the Interior cabinet post.

A solid conservationist in the spirit and tradition of his distinguished ancestor, Theodore IV may be on a similar philosophical wavelength with Obama on issues in the purview of the Interior Department. But he is a credentialed lifelong Republican in the sadly disappearing tradition of Abraham Lincoln; his namesake, Theodore Roosevelt; Herbert Hoover; Dwight Eisenhower; and Gerald Ford. No "Obamican" is he. Theodore Roosevelt IV addressed the Republican National Convention this year in support of John McCain."

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Bob Brown: Obama could choose a solid GOP conservationist for Interior (The Billings Gazette 12/16)

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