Jodi Rave: NCAI excited about Obama transition
"As President-elect Obama assembles his new transition team, the largest nonpartisan advocacy organization for Native America is preparing a transition plan for an administration that has promised to appoint Native people to key agency and White House staff positions.

“The most exciting part is the Obama transition team,” said Jacqueline Johnson-Pata, director of the National Congress of American Indians. “So much happens minute by minute with this.”

She said NCAI has a good relationship with two of Obama's transition team members, including co-chairs John Podesta, who was chief of staff for former President Bill Clinton, and Pete Rouse, who was chief of staff for former U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

Johnson-Pata discussed NCAI's transition goals during a conference call with representatives from across Indian Country last week. She encouraged tribal representatives to join the organization's effort to provide names and resumes for key positions within the administration, appointments that must be made within 60 days.

“The names will be sent to transition team members,” said Johnson-Pata. “We are encouraging resumes to be sent in. Our goal is to have Indian Country appointments made early.”

She said now is the time for tribes to be weighing in as Obama assembles his administration."

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Jodi Rave: Tribal group prepares recommendations of Native staff for Obama administration (The Missoulian 11/10)

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