Outdoors: Quality fishing on Red Lake Reservation

"The fish twisting and turning some 20 feet below the boat clearly was a lake trout, and it wasn’t the least bit interested in our company on this sunny Tuesday morning in late June.

“I hope they’re biting,” Al Pemberton had said less than half an hour earlier as he launched his 16-foot Lund off a sandy beach at the base of a grassy hill leading to the lake.

They were, and the proof danced several feet below us at the end of Pemberton’s 12-pound-test line. Splashes of sunlight occasionally caught the laker’s silvery flanks, giving the fish an almost eerie sheen.

In the crystal-clear water, the fish appeared close enough to reach out and touch. After a near-miss with the net by Pemberton’s awestruck fishing partner, a 5-pound lake trout, the perfect size for eating, flopped in the bottom of the boat.

That didn’t take long."

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