Yellow Bird: It's time for a change in music

"Much of our music today has changed from songs with melodies and words that carried a message to very loud background instruments, playing behind singers in revealing costumes yelling obscene words into microphones.

That's why I was so surprised Thursday night when I heard a singer on David Letterman's “Late Show” accompanied by soft guitars and singing a real song that I could actually understand.

After all, there are times in today's world of popular music when it's best not to understand what is being . . . um, sung. The “f” word is common in today's music, and if it isn't the “f” word, it's words that mean the same thing. In addition to the sexual themes, some songs even celebrate killing or murder, suicide and drugs.

Remember when young Madonna's voice first floated over the airwaves and charmed the world? But then, Madonna seemed to change from being a good singer into a person who, shall we say, is more about sexual strangeness. It was Madonna who stepped out on stage wearing a longline bra for public entertainment."

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Dorreen Yellow Bird: In music, a change is gonna come (I hope) (The Grand Forks Herald 2/9)

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