Judge orders evidence search in Aquash murder case
A magistrate judge has ordered federal prosecutors to search for more evidence in the murder of American Indian Movement activist Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.

Magistrate Veronica Duffy wants the government to locate underwear and a sanitary napkin found on Aquash after she was murdered in December 1975. An autopsy at the time indicated that she had been raped.

John Graham, a Native man from Canada who is charged with first-degree murder, wants DNA testing performed on the underwear. He believes it could show that other people were involved in Aquash's murder.

Graham's trial is set to begin October 6 in the federal district courthouse in Rapid City. Another man is serving life sentence for his role in Aquash's murder.

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Feds must turn over underwear from '75 slaying (AP 6/24)

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