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Letter: Tribal 'sovereignty' a threat to America

"The Day's editorial on Indian tribes expanding gaming empires was a template opinion: more government. A usual rendition by the Marxist choir, complete with contempt toward the very successful.

Motivating the politically correct pretense for giving tribes entitlements is the idea that Indians inherently lack the rational capacity to compete in a 21st-century civilization. Indians are considered incapable of understanding ownership contracts. �There is the danger of abuse,� The Day exclaims. Deeds to Indian land � my favorite example � are eternally held in trust by the federal government. Indian tribes are incompetent wards forever requiring government guardianship. The law codifying this racial profiling, this creation of America's apartheid, is the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act.

Calling tribal entitlements a form of sovereignty is an excuse to ignore the make-up-as-we-go capriciousness of Indian law and the racist principle at root. If tribes were sovereign nations, the State Department would deal with them. Our government doesn't recognize Indian tribes as nations of people, but as some endangered plant, animal or mineral collection protected under the Interior Department.

Indian law is racist and unconstitutional. All Americans Indians were made American citizens in 1924 and must be equally protected as promised in the 14th Amendment to our federal constitution."

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