Story on church vandalism draws most comments

Another Billings Gazette story involving the Crow Tribe of Montana has drawn the most comments on the newspaper's web site.

On Sunday, the paper published a story about the vandalism of a Catholic church on the reservation. There is no information about who caused the damage but readers of the site are blaming alcohol, gangs, Native youth, Native parents and anti-Christian sentiments.

"I have watched Native American parents allow their kids to run like wild dogs and get their own way," one person said. "No one ever tells them to sit down and be quiet."

"It is truly a sad day in Crow Country when our people will not respect what is ours," wrote another person who self-identified as Crow.

Last week, the paper's story on gangs on the reservation drew the most comments of the day.

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Vandals trash church (The Billings Gazette 5/21)