Column: Shoshone version of Donald Trump on a roll

"Bruce Parry doesn't much look like Donald Trump.

He wears a crew cut, for one thing. For another, he's Native American, and if there's anything Native Americans are not traditionally accused of impersonating, it's business moguls like Donald Trump.

But forget all that, because what Parry is a part of is so full of potential, so cutting-edge, than even though he's 66 he's not even thinking about slowing down, let alone retiring.

As CEO of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation's new tribal economic development corporation, Parry has taken "chief" to the executive level. To hear him tell it, the future for the tribe hasn't looked this bright since the prairie was thick with buffalo and the streams were filled with trout.

"I work a lot more than an eight-hour day and I should be retired," said Parry last week at tribal headquarters on Main Street in Brigham City. "But we're doing so many exciting things, I can't walk away.""

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Lee Benson: Shoshone Trump is on a roll (The Deseret Morning News 5/8)

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