Editorial: Tribe relying on 'myth' in water fight

"One of the myths frequently hurled around in debates about water is the most "efficient" way to move this life-sustaining commodity from place to place is by putting it in a pipeline.

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe is relying upon this myth as it builds a case for a federally funded pipeline from the Truckee River to Fernley.

The tribe would like the government to abandon the Truckee Canal by replacing it with a $50 million pipeline. Essentially, the tribe is arguing that the proposed pipeline would deliver water more efficiently than the canal, which would leave more water to put in the lake for fish, particularly Lahontan cutthroat trout and the endangered cui-ui lakesucker.

That argument is fine, provided your only interest is in fish that live in Pyramid Lake. It's not so great if you're also concerned about all the other critters that depend on the canal for water and cover.

Obviously, evaporation and seepage are reduced when water is enclosed in a pipe. Does this mean it is the most "efficient" or "best" way to move water around? Not necessarily."

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Editorial: 'Efficiency' overrated in tribe's pipeline plan (The Lahontan Valley News 4/20)

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