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Nominees: 8th annual Native American Music Awards

A. Artist of the Year
1. Jana "Flash Of A Firefly" (RA)
2. Jim Boyd "Them Old Guitars" (TW)
3. Joanne Shenandoah "Skywoman" (SWA)
4. Keith Secola "Native Americana" (AKA)
5. Rita Coolidge "And So Is Love" (CR)

B. Best Blues Recording
1. "From All Directions" Blue Dog (BD)
2. "Blues From The Coyote" Gary Small & the Coyote Bros. (MT)
3 "Follow Your Heart"s Desire" . Pura Fe" (MM)
4. "Gotta Have Your Love" Red Rhythm Band (RH)
5. "And So Is Love" Rita Coolidge (CR)

C. Best Compilation Recording
1. "The Collection" Brule' (SR)
2. "Honoring Singers & Songmakers Vol 3" Northern Cree & Friends (CA)
3. "Home of the Champions" United Tribes (MA)
4 "Sacred Ground" . Various (SWA)
5. "The Makoche" Masters" Various (MA)

D. Debut Artist/Group of the Year
1. Asani "Rattle & Drum" (ABR)
2. Blue Dog "From All Directions" (BD)
3. Feather River Singers "Daughters of the Earth" (FRS)
4. Red Rhythm Band "Gotta Have Your Love" (RH)
5. Silverbird "World Peace" (OLI)

E. Best Female Artist
1. Kansas Begaye "Native Rose" (SR)
2. Marlena "I"ll Run To You" (CPR)
3. Pura Fe" "Follow Your Heart"s Desire" (MM)
4. Radmilla Cody "Spirit of a Woman" (CA)
5. Tiinesha Begaye "Rhythm of Love" (CA)

F. Best Folk/Country Recording
1. "Native Americana" Keith Secola (AKA)
2. "Bad Boys & Angels" Mike Gouchie (SR)
3. "Buffalo" Qua Ti Si (SDA)
4 "To Future From Past" . Spirit Wing (IR)
5. "One In Every Crowd" Tonemah (GLA)

G. Flutist of the Year
1. Andrew Vasquez "Togo" (MA)
2. Douglas Blue Feather "Time For Truth" (SH)
3. Joseph Fire Crow "Red Beads" (MR)
4. R. Carlos Nakai & Keola Beamer "Our Beloved Land" (CYN)
5. Wildcat "Cherokee Flutes" (WA)

H. Gospel /Christian/Inspirational Recording
1. "Prayer Warriors" Cecil Gray (CG)
2. "Cherokee Sunday Morning" Cherokee National Youth Choir (CN)
3. "I"ll Run To You" Marlena (CR)
4. "Heavenly Peace" Red Nativity (SR)
5. "Speak To The Sky" Storm Seymour (EK)

I. Group of the Year
1. AIRO "Tatanka" (BM)
2. Arvel Bird, Deni, Irene Bedard "Raven In The Midnight Sun" (SW)
3. Black Lodge Singers "Family Traditions" (SR)
4. Cherokee National Youth Choir "Cherokee Sunday Morning" (CN)
5. Northern Cree & Friends "Honoring Singers & Songmakers Vol 3" (CA)

J. Best Historical Recording
1. "Oklahoma Gourd Dance Songs" Cozad (SR)
2. "Traditional Songs of the Salt River Pima" Earl Ray (CYN)
3. "Skywoman" Joanne Shenandoah (SWA)
4. "Spirit Seeker" Phillip Whiteman Jr. (PW)
5. "The Soundtrack of a People" Various (EMI)

K. Best Instrumental Recording
1. "Tatanka" AIRO (BM)
2. "Arvel Bird Live" Arvel Bird (SW)
3. "The Collection" Brule' (SR)
4. "Melodies of the Cane Flute Vol 2" Estun-Bah (DB)
5. "Legion Stomp" The Thundertones (SP)

L. Best Male Artist 1. Gary Small & the Coyote Bros. "Blues From The Coyote" (MT)
2. Gil Silverbird "World Peace" (OLI)
3. Joseph Fire Crow "Red Beads" (MR)
4. Tommy Wildcat "Cherokee Flutes" (WA)
5. Wade Fernandez "Song of the Black Wolf" (SBW)

M. Best New Age Recording
1. "Time For Truth" Douglas Blue Feather (SH)
2. "Forgotten Warriors" Eddie Three Eagles (RT)
3. "Lone Pine Canyon" Golana (SH)
4. "Two-Hawks Signature Series" John Two-Hawks (CS)
5. "Just Passin" Thru" Passing Through (AHW)

N. Best Pop/Rock Recording
1. "Mother Earth" Eagle & Hawk (AB)
2. "Something To Dream Of" Forever (TSS)
3. "Them Old Guitars" Jim Boyd (TW)
4. "The Second Coming" Micki Free (CA)
5. "Song of the Black Wolf" Wade Fernandez (SBW)

O. Best Pow Wow Recording
1. "Straight Up Northern" Black Eagle (SR)
2. "Setting The Record Straight" Blackfoot Confederacy (CA)
3. "Best of Both Worlds World Two" Tha Tribe (CA)
4. "Loyal To Tha Old Man" Young Grey Horse (CA)
5. "Round Dance" White Fish Jrs (SG)

P. Best Producer
1. David Swenson "The Makoche" Masters" (MA)
2. Jimmy Haslip "And So Is Love" (CR)
3. Paul LaRoche, Tom Bee & Robby Bee "The Collection" (SR)
4. Stephan Galfas & Alex Salzman "American Indian Christmas" (SO)
5. Stephen Butler "Traditional Songs of the Salt River Pima"

Q. Best R&B/Rap/Hip Hop Recording
1. "Spirit World" Buggin Malone (AR)
2. "Nightmerika" Maniac The Siouxpernatural (NS)
3. "Anything You Want" NightShield (ES)
4. "River of Life" Sarah Hindsley (TC)
5. "Boom Boom" Shadowyze (BKB)

R. Record of the Year
1. "More Kids Pow Wow Songs" Black Lodge (CA)
2. "Time For Truth" Douglas Blue Feather (SH)
3 "Flash Of A Firefly" . Jana (RA)
4. "Them Old Guitars" Jim Boyd (TW)
5. "Native Americana" Keith Secola (AKA)

S. Song/Single of the Year
1. "Sacred Ground" Bill Miller (SW)
2. "Stomp Dance" Brule' (SR)
3. "Sundancer" Eagle & Hawk (AB)
4. "Pow Wow 2-Nite" Gary Small (MT)
5. "Come Rain or Come Shine" Rita Coolidge (CR)

T. Songwriter of the Year
1. Gil Silverbird "Silverbird" (OLI)
2. Jim Boyd "Them Old Guitars" (TW)
3. Keith Secola "Native Americana" (AKA)
4. Pura Fe "Follow Your Hearts Desire" (MM)
5. Socie Saltwater "It All Ends The Same" (GSP)

U. Best Spoken Word Recording
1. "How Not To Catch Fish" Joseph M Marshall III & John Two-Hawks (CS)
2. "Spirit Seeker" Phillip Whiteman Jr. (PW)
3. "The Keepers of the Earth" Red Feather Woman (BM)
4. "Flight of the Hawk" Red Hawk (MEG)
5. "Blackfeet StorySmith" Wallace Gladstone, Jack Gladstone (HWK)
V. Best Traditional Recording
1. "Near Midnight" James Bilagody (TH)
2. "Way of Life" Lakota Thunder (MA)
3. "Spirit of a Woman" Radmilla Cody (CA)
4. "Our Love Will Never Die" Randy Wood (CA)
5. "Ghost Dance Songs" Red Shadow Singers (ABR)

W. Best Short or Long Form Video
1. "Take A Road Trip To Serenity" Bryan Akipa (TIH)
2. "Tribute To The Native American Flute" Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach (CF)
3. "In This World" Medicine Dream (CYN)
4. "The Makoche" Masters" Various (MA)
5. "Commodity Cheese Blues" Wade Fernandez (SBW)

X. Best World Music Recording
1. "Journey" Ardijah (PFP)
2. "People Of Peace" R. Carlos Nakai Quartet (CA)
3. "Dancing The Full Moon" Ron Warren (BH)
4. "Legacy" Santee (SR)
5. "Supia Jesus" Wade Large (CP)

Y. Native Heart
1. Jeff Ball "Return To Balance" (RF)
2. John Densmore "Native Americana" (AKA)
3. Little Hawk "1492-1975" (ABR)
4. Scott August "New Fire" (CM)
5. Elysium Calling "Shapeshifter " (MS)