Non-Indians urged to respect Tulalip Tribes police

The sheriff in Snohomish County, Washington, is urging non-Indians not to challenge the authority of the Tulalip Tribes police.

Non-Indians, backed by a Republican state senator, plan to protest tribal authority by carrying cards that say they won't talk to tribal police. But county sheriff Rick Bart said that's a bad idea.

"I think a card is going to exacerbate the issue. I don't think it's a very wise decision," Bart told The Everett Herald. "It has the potential, in my opinion, to be a nightmare."

The Tulalip Tribes will continue to stop drivers considered to be a hazard, tribal police chief Jay Goss. "An intoxicated driver is fooling himself if he thinks we won't remove him from the car," Goss told the paper.

Republican State Sen. Val Stevens has suggested non-Indians carry a card that reads: "You don't have authority over me. I'm calling a law-enforcement officer from my own government." She denies coming up with the idea but supports the tactic.

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