Ex-premier denies running a 'redneck' government

Mike Harris, the former premier of Ontario, took the stand on Wednesday for the second day of his testimony to the inquiry into the death of Ojibwe activist Dudley George

Harris adamantly refuted the testimony of an Ontario Park Police inspector who said the "redneck" government run by Harris wanted George and other Native protesters out of Ipperwash Provincial Park. "I would say it�s 100 per cent wrong," Harris told the inquiry.

Harris also said the inspector was wrong to say that his government wanted the police to "kick ass" and remove the Native protesters from the park.

George, 38, was shot to death on September 6, 1995, when heavily armed OPP officers laid siege on the park. An officer was later found guilty of criminal negligence causing death.

Harris' testimony continues today and then again on Monday. A webcast of the hearing can be viewed at

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