Opinion: Lawyer for anti-Indian group questions tribes

"In the February 3, 2006 edition of the Tulsa World, a story entitled "Cole to fight limits on tribes," appeared to be something good for a change to read in a paper that sometimes appears to have disdain for tribal rights and sovereignty. Upon further review the story was really a story within itself and created even more questions.

The respected Jim Myers wrote the World�s story. Myers talked to Cole and then gave the other side of the story.

Of the thousands of lawyers in DC to pick from, Myers chose Cleta Deathridge Mitchell as a source.

Was he told to use Mitchell? Was he forced to use Mitchell? What is the Tulsa World's interest?

I once asked the anti-Indian group One Nation for a list of their donors. A letter came back from their legal counsel explaining to me that the information is private and off-limits. The name of the legal counsel? Cleta Mitchell."

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Louis Gray: When a reporter's source is the former legal counsel of One Nation (The Native American Times 2/14)

FEC Advisory:
Indian Tribes (February 2, 2006)

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Advisory Opinion 1999-32 (January 28, 2000) | Advisory Opinion 2000-05 (May 15, 2000) | Advisory Opinion 2005-01 (March 14, 2005)

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