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Viewpoint: Life as an Indian cabbie in Grand Forks

"As an American Indian, I love driving a cab because more than anything else in the world, I like being appreciated and needed - so that's the place where I will always go.

Although I am sensitive to racism because of the negative experiences I encountered growing up with my dark skin, I can honestly say I have never openly encountered racism in Grand Forks. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist; racial discrimination is against the law, but prejudice is not.

Again, I can honestly say I have never had anyone refuse to get into my cab because of my racial background, but then maybe people have more important things on their minds at the moment. I have never heard a negative comment or remark.

I think most people just really don't care who is driving as long as they get to their destination as soon as they can.

The good part about being a part-time cab driver is that I meet people from different walks of life, at different times of the day, going to different places to do different things - and I get to make money doing it, as well."

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Mike Eshkibok: An American Indian cabbie surveys GF (The Grand Forks Herald 11/12)