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Letter: Stories paint biased picture of Pequots

"For the past 10 years I have read The Day and time and again it appears that whenever a member of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation is arrested or something happens near Foxwoods, the headlines clearly make you aware. However I don't believe I have seen many articles that state when a Mohegan tribal member gets arrested, or something horrible happens near the Mohegan Sun.

As a member of the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, it is a little upsetting to me to think that 100 percent of the Mohegan Tribe's membership are law-abiding citizens and that nothing bad happens next to Mohegan Sun.

As adults, we make our own decisions and bear the consequences that follow, so why should our actions be labeled with tribal affiliation? Does it matter where you are from when you do wrong or experience hardship or is the real matter what you did wrong or what your hardship is?"

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