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Editorial: Public comment on Navajo power plant

"It has been decades since the Four Corners region has seen the likes of a project the size and scope of the proposed Desert Rock Power Plant. The $2.5-billion, 1,500-megawatt facility continues to move forward and, should it be built, would be the third coal-fired generation facility in San Juan County.

Both Four Corners Power Plant near Fruitland and San Juan Generating Station in Waterflow � two of the largest coal-operated plants in the West � have produced power for more than 30 years. Both plants have provided San Juan County with a strong economic base, adding millions of dollars to what has been an energy-dominant local economy for more than 50 years.

The Desert Rock Power Plant, which would be located 25 miles southwest of Farmington on the Navajo Nation, continues to progress through the necessary procedures to gain eventual approval. Most recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a series of public information meetings on the plant's draft air permit in four communities in the region earlier this month. Next up are two air permit public hearings on Oct. 3 in Durango and Oct. 4 in Shiprock. The EPA will collect comments from the public at both events. Anyone who wants to comment on the draft air permit has until Oct. 27 to do so."

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Editorial: Citizens encouraged to attend upcoming power plant hearings (The Farmington Daily Times 9/21)

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