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Native woman eliminated on Canada's Next Top Model

Dawn Buggins, a 22-year-old Native woman from Alberta, was eliminated in this week's episode of Canada's Next Top Model.

Buggins, a bartender from Calgary, survived two weeks in the cut-throat competition. On the debut episode, she exuded confidence and grace.

"I don't see many Native girls in this modeling industry and I think I would be a very good role model for that," Buggins said.

Described as "a sweet, sweet girl" by host and Canadian supermodel Tricia Helfer, the young woman appeared to lose some of her strength before the cameras. On the first shoot, she had trouble posing and the Top Model team had to help her out.

On her second shoot this week, she said she had overcome her fears. She didn't feel nervous at all taking pictures in a skin-tight bikini.

But when it came to the elimination round, the judges didn't think she had what it takes to be a top model and sent her home packing. But she said she didn't regret the experience.

Buggins was born in Edmonton but moved to Calgary when she was six and was placed with foster parents. "They're really, really amazing people," she said on the first episode.

She said she was inspired to become a model by her mother, who recently passed away. "It was something she really wanted me to do, to come on this show," she said.

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