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Abramoff Scandal
Ex-White House official goes to trial on Monday

David Safavian, a former White House official who has been indicted as part of the Jack Abramoff scandal, is going to trial on Monday.

Safavian was indicted on charges of lying to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and to federal investigators. When he worked at the General Services Administration, Safavian went on the infamous August 2002 golf trip to Scotland. The charges stem from what he told investigators about the trip and about his relationship with Abramoff.

Safavian, a former associate of Abramoff's who lobbied for gaming tribes, was the first person charged in connection with the scandal. But he is the only person who has refused to plead guilty or cooperate.

The trial is expected to last five business days. Federal prosecutors intend to call Neil Volz, a former Congressional staffer, as a witness against Safavian. Volz, who used to work for Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), went on the Scotland trip and knows about Safavian's alleged involvement with Abramoff's lobbying schemes.

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