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Chippewa Cree man saves three from deadly accident

Correction/Clarification: Edward Marsette is a member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Montana, not the Muckleshoot Tribe.

A member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe is being credited for saving the lives of three people from a deadly accident involving several young Natives on the Muckleshoot Reservation in Washington.

Edward Marsette, 41, ran out of his house early Wednesday morning after he heard the crash. He was able to pull three passengers away from a fiery car. He was unable to reach one person, who was one of the two young people who died in the accident.

"I couldn't get him out," Marsette told The King County Journal "You wish your hands were strong as a jaws of life. There was nothing I could do." Marsette's nephew, Brock Sohappy, also helped rescue one of the passengers.

Six people were riding in the car when it flipped. At least four of them are Native who attend schools in the area. A task force will be speaking to students next week to discuss the accident.

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