Arrests made in gang-related shooting in Rapid City

Police in Rapid City, South Dakota, have arrested five people in connection with a gang-related shooting that has an Indian mother afraid to return home.

Dania Stranger Horse and her daughters, ages 6 and 4, were asleep when their home was hit by gunfire. The shots were apparently aimed at the residents of a neighboring house who were outside at the time of the 3am incident last Thursday morning.

The two girls were hit by bullet fragments and were treated at Rapid City Regional Hospital and released the following day. Stranger Horse is afraid to move back and is staying in an undisclosed location, Lt. Doug Thrash told The Rapid City Journal.

The four people arrested are 18-year-old Patrick Marshall, 19-year-old Antonio Dreamer, 18-year-old Gary Wright Jr., 20-year-old Ezra Chee and an unidentified juvenile girl, the paper said. Police believe the shooting is a sign of heightened gang activity.

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