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Movie Review: 'Christmas in the Clouds' a nice gift

A movie with a large cast of Native actors is getting some favorable reviews. "Christmas in the Clouds" [IMDB Entry] opens in theatres today and stars Graham Greene (Oneida), Timothy Vahle (Choctaw), Sheila Tousey (Menominee/Stockbridge-Munsee), Wes Studi (Cherokee) and others.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: ""Christmas in the Clouds" has been assembled from stock parts, but it still has a pedigree that makes it unique: It's the first mainstream romantic comedy to feature an almost exclusively American Indian cast. First-time writer/director Kate Montgomery has fashioned her film after the classic screwball comedies, complete with an emphasis on what the promoters call "old-fashioned values." But there's nothing old-fashioned about its depiction of contemporary Indian life. The story is based on mistaken identities. Neither the setup nor the resolution will surprise anyone familiar with the genre, but it's all handled in such a pleasant, upbeat manner it leaves you feeling good."

The Seattle Times: "An agreeable little romantic comedy set in a breathtaking mountainside resort, "Christmas in the Clouds" plays a bit like "Fawlty Towers," Native American-style. Written and directed by first-timer Kate Montgomery, it wrings a bit of freshness from a very old plot: the mistaken-identity love story."

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