Tribal Histories Project opens at Montana museum

The Crow Tribe and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe are the subject of two new exhibits at the Western Heritage Center in Billings.

"Parading Through History: The Apsaalooke Nation" focuses on Crow culture, history and language. "Coming Home: The Northern Cheyenne Odyssey" deals with the Northern Cheyennes, with an emphasis on the imprisonment and escape of tribal members at Fort Robinson in Nebraska.

The exhibits are part of the American Indian Tribal Histories Project. Funded with more than $3 million in federal grants, the project plans to tell the stories of all of Montana's tribes.

But the Northern Cheyenne Tribe isn't happy with the exhibit, saying the tribal government wasn't invited to participate. The council passed a resolution 8-0 that opposes the exhibit without consulting and involvement of the tribal government.

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