Heritage and Hope: The Northern Arapaho Tribe

The Northern Arapaho Tribe of Wyoming is the focus of "Heritage and Hope," a series by The Casper Star-Tribune that looks at how tribal families are turning to tradition to combat modern problems.

The series began on Sunday with a story about Margo and Brian Williams, parents who emphasize cultural activities for their seven children in hopes of keeping them away from drugs and alcohol. Margo and Brian rely on the help of their extended family -- including Grandma Caroline and Grandma Teresa -- to watch over the tight-knit clan.

On Monday, the paper went to the home of Billy and Darrell Hanway. The grandparents have become parents once again, having taken custody of a granddaughter whose father was killed in a drunken driving accident and another child whose father is in prison awaiting a sentence.

In taking on another generation, the Hanways are not unique in Indian Country. American Indian and Alaska Native grandparents are more likely than others to raise a second family, according to the U.S. Census. The Wind River Reservation has the highest percentage of grandparents raising second families in Wyoming.

On Tuesday, the paper will look at how the Northern Arapaho Tribe is emphasizing language and culture to combat poverty and drug and alcohol abuse.

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