Bruce Babbitt fighting tribes on sacred site appeal

Former Interior secretary Bruce Babbitt is fighting tribes who are opposed to snowmaking at the sacred San Francisco Peaks in Arizona.

Babbitt has been serving as a consultant to a ski area called the Arizona Snowbowl. Over the objections of tribes, the U.S. Forest Service allowed the Snowbowl to use reclaimed wastewater to make snow in the sacred peaks.

Tribes have filed a lawsuit to challenge the decision. Babbitt will be representing Snowbowl's interests in court if a judge allows it.

During the Clinton administration, Babbitt closed down a mine in the peaks, citing its sacredness.

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B. Babbitt added to Snowbowl legal team (The Arizona Daily Sun 7/1)

Approval Documents:
Final Environmental Impact Statement for Arizona Snowbowl Facilities Improvement | Forest Service Approves Snowmaking at Arizona Snowbowl

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Coconino National Forest - http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/coconino/index.shtml

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