House approves Commerce, Justice, Safety bill

The House voted 418 to 7 vote on Thursday to approve the $57.5 billion Commerce-State-Justice fiscal year 2006 appropriations bill.

The measure includes $38 million for Indian Country law enforcement under the Community Oriented Policing Services program. The amount is $18.6 million less than the Bush administration's request of $51.6 million but nearly double the 2005 enacted level.

"These funds are intended to meet the most pressing needs of tribes, including law enforcement hiring, equipment, and training, court improvement projects, and alcohol and substance abuse reduction programs," the report accompanying the bill states.

The bill also provides $10 million for the tribal youth program under the Juvenile Justice Act.

The bill does not appear to include any riders affecting Indian gaming, trust litigation or other Indian areas. In prior years, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Virginia), an opponent of gambling, has inserted anti-Indian provisions that were subsequently removed or significantly modified.

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House Spending Bills Moving Along (The Washington Post 6/17)

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H.R.2862 | House Report 109-118

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