Corruption probe in shooting of Seminole lawyer

The state of Florida is investigating possible corruption among law enforcement officials who investigated the mob-style shooting of Jim Shore, the Seminole Tribe's general counsel, two newspapers report.

The papers say state prosecutors issued a subpoena on Thursday to two detectives who had been assigned to the case. The paper said the detectives were questioned about Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne and his agency's role in the investigation of the January 2002 shooting, which is still unsolved.

According to the reports, the corruption probe centers on whether Jenne and his associates benefited from the investigation. Jenne was paid almost $60,000 by a private firm that "provided security and regulatory advice" to the Seminole Tribe, The Miami Herald said.

At issue is whether information that was gleaned during the investigation helped Jenne in his work for the private firm, which hired bodyguards for Shore and other tribal members in the wake of the brutal shooting.

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