Arrest of chairman's son latest in Red Lake tragedy

An update on the latest developments involving the March 21, 2005, fatal shootings on the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota.


Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr.
Star Tribune: Red Lake School Shootings
Pioneer Press: Red Lake shooting
The worst incident of school-related violence took an unusual turn on Monday with the disclosure that the son of Red Lake Nation Chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr. has been arrested and charged in connection with last week's deadly shootings.

Publicly, officials gave few details about the development but various news reports, citing anonymous people with knowledge of the investigation, identified the juvenile as Louis Jourdain, whose age is unknown but has been put at 15, 16 or 17. News reports said the youth, after being arrested on Sunday, was arraigned on a conspiracy during a closed hearing in federal court in Duluth on Monday. Chairman Jourdain attended the hearing but declined comment to The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The reports said Louis Jourdain and Jeff Weise, 16, the shooter, were friends and shared similar tastes in music. The Pioneer Press reported that the two exchanged e-mails that discussed Weise's plans to shoot up the school while The Washington Post reported that Jourdain may have helped planned the attack and was expected to take part in it.

The Pioneer Press also said at least three other teenagers who exchanged e-mails with Weise have already been questioned and could face charges.

Word of the arrest spread quickly on the reservation yesterday as more funerals were held for the victims of the tragedy. Last week, an FBI agent said Weise had acted alone, so the latest revelation -- and the possibility that others may have been involved -- brought worries to an already distressed community still grieving from the incident.

The New York Times reported that the FBI brought in behavioral psychologists and profilers to study Weise and they believed he may not have acted alone. Other evidence was also discovered through the course of the investigation, the paper said.

Chairman Jourdain [Official Web Site] has been the public face of the tragedy since coming forward last Monday on "one of the darkest and most painful occurrences in the history of our tribe." At age 40, he is the youngest person elected to lead the tribe. He has two other sons besides Louis, including a 3-year-old.

Tribal leader's son charged with conspiracy (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/29) pwlat
Tribal leader's son arrested (The St. Paul Pioneer Press 3/29) pw1
RED LAKE SHOOTINGS: Arrest shocks region (The Grand Forks Herald/The St. Paul Pioneer Press 3/29)
Juvenile Arrested In Minn. Shootings (The Washington Post 3/29) pwpwd
In a Twist, a Second Youth Is Accused in School Attack (The New York Times 3/29) pwnyt
2nd Teen Is Linked to School Shooting (The Los Angeles Times 3/29) pwlat
Tribal chairman's son arrested in probe of school shooting (AP 3/29)

Funeral services for three of the victims were held on Monday. Alicia White, 14, also known as Alicia Spike, was remembered as a "prom queen" who loved pink at a traditional wake that was followed by a church service in Redby.

Security guard Derrick Brun, 28, was called a hero at a Catholic church service in Red Lake that drew a reported 300 people. "Without hesitation, this young man sacrificed his own life," Ernie Stevens, chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association, was quoted as saying. Even though he was unarmed, Brun confronted Jeff Weise in hopes of stopping the shooter.

Neva Rogers, 62, a popular English teacher at Red Lake High School was recalled as a dedicated servant who loved teaching on the reservation. She reportedly died after she stood between Weise and some students in a classroom. Services were held in Bemidji.

Chanelle Rosebear, 15, another victim is to be buried on Wednesday in Ponemah. Dewayne Lewis, 15, will be buried on Saturday in Ponemah.

Also on Monday, a private service was held for Weise, 16. Only family members were allowed to attend.

Saying goodbye to Alicia Spike's sweet smile (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/29)
Alicia White, 14 (The Grand Forks Herald 3/29)
Slain guard Derrick Brun honored for his valor (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/29)
Derrick Brun, 28 (AP 3/29)
Doug Grow: Neva Rogers: Teacher, protector, mother, friend (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/29)
Neva Rogers, 62 (The Grand Forks Herald 3/29)
Private funeral held for Jeff Weise (AP 3/29)

Many Red Lake tribal members who live in the Twin Cities are seeking assistance to travel back home. The tribe's Red Lake Urban Office is arranging donations. They can be sent to:
Red Lake Urban Office
Franklin Business Center
1433 E. Franklin Ave
Suite 13A
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Also, donations for the victims and their families can be sent to:
Red Lake Nation Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 574
Red Lake, Minnesota 56671
How to help the Red Lake people (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/27)

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