Tribal Member: My reservation will never be the same

"After hearing of Monday's Red Lake shootings, I didn't know which reservation school it was or who had been shot.

My mother is a secretary at the Ponemah Elementary School, which is one of three elementary schools on the reservation.

I tried to call her first, but the line was busy. I called my grandmother, my sister, my aunts and uncles and my friends, but all the lines were busy.

I knew the news wasn't good. When I finally reached my mother, I was relieved for a split-second. Her voice was full of sadness, but she said my family was OK.

And yet, my family is not OK. As a Red Lake member, we all are brothers and sisters. We are all one people. That was my Native American blood on the high school floors.

The reservation never will be the same."

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Dalton Walker: Shooting shatters sense of security (The Grand Forks Herald 3/23)

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