Editorial: Tragedy at Red Lake unites all in grief

"What happened at Red Lake High School on Monday afternoon was not an Indian tragedy. It was a human tragedy, potent in its ability to unite as well as hurt. In its aftermath, Minnesotans of every culture and background are joined in grief.

Monday's losses are tremendously painful for every member of the Red Lake band, but their culture is also a source of strength. Its traditions and teachings can deliver a comfort to this broken community that nothing else can.

That's why it was important for tribal drums to be sounded and pipes to be smoked at the place that best symbolizes the whole state, the Capitol, on Tuesday afternoon. That ceremony symbolized both the uniqueness and the commonality of Red Lake, and spoke in ancient, eloquent language of both pain and healing. In all their languages, other Minnesotans and the nation joined their lament, and their prayer."

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Editorial: Red Lake/Sharing a special place's pain (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/23)

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