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Golf course in Ohio is built atop Indian mounds

A golf course in Ohio is located on top of the Newark Earthworks, a part of the largest Indian mound site in the world.

The location is causing friction among local Indians and professors who want more access to the mounds. "Playing golf on a Native American spiritual site is a fundamental desecration," Richard Shiels, a history professor at Ohio State University's Newark campus, told The New York Times.

The Moundbuilders Country Club leases the land from the Ohio Historical Society. The club is supposed to provide access to the mounds but claims the greens will be destroyed if too many people are allowed on the site.

The Newark Earthworks are considered very significant because the mounds accurately track the lunar cycle. Once every 18.6 years, when the moon is at its most northernmost, the moon falls in the center of a huge octagon at the site. The next true northernmost moonrise will occur at 1am in the fall of 2006.

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