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Murder of ex-Winnemucca chair still unsolved

Nearly six years after being stabbed in front of the offices of the Winnemucca Indian Colony in Nevada, Glenn Wasson's murder remains unsolved.

Wasson was 66. A World War II veteran, he served as chairman of the small colony and clashed with another man, William Bills, who had been adopted into the tribe.

On February 12, 2000, Wasson started disenrollment proceedings against Bills. He had a birth certificate that showed Bills was Filipino and had no Indian blood, a requirement of tribal membership.

Ten days later, Wasson was found dead outside the tribal offices. He probably had been killed the night before, but police were slow to arrive to the scene and investigate. The FBI says it is continuing to investigate the crime.

Meanwhile, Bills has assumed leadership of the tribe. He is proposing to open a casino hundreds of miles away in California. The Bureau of Indian Affairs doesn't recognize him as the legitimate chairman.

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