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Menominee family's troubles known to officials

Child welfare and public school officials knew of long-standing problems with the family of Sidney Mahkuk, an 11-year-old Menominee Nation girl who died of a cocaine overdose in Minneapolis.

Since 1988, at least five investigations were conducted at Sidney's home, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. They involved incidents of crime, domestic violence, health care and child welfare issues. Her father was arrested for assault in the home in 2001 and has since passed away.

Most recently, Sidney stopped attending school and her 14-year-old sister had become increasingly belligerent after being suspended last year. Her brother Sidney, 20, was sentenced to 62 years in prison in May for killing two people.

Mahkuk was found dead on the street on October 23. An autopsy report found she died of a cocaine overdose.

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