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Narragansett Tribe's lobbyist blasted for comments

Guy Dufault, the main lobbyist for the Narragansett Tribe, was blasted by Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri (R) for comments he made about Carcieri's alleged extra-marital affairs.

While taping a television program he produces, Dufault said he could "bring Carcieri down." I got stuff. I got the names of the past comattas. I just gotta throw them out there," he told J. Michael Levesque, the former chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Party. "Comattas" is Italian slang for girlfriend.

The remarks weren't meant for broadcast but Carcieri responded on Monday. He called the allegations an outright lie and called on Dufault to retract them. Carcieri's wife also denied the accusations.

Carcieri has fought the Narragansett Tribe on gaming, land-into-trust, taxation and sovereignty issues.

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